Roman Ondak's Some Thing demonstrates the artist's curiosity about human behaviour

Roman Ondak's Some Thing demonstrates the artist's curiosity about human behaviour

In addition to the exhibition at Glasgow's Common Guild, Ondak will also perform his 1999 performance piece 'This Way, Please'

If things go in cycles, Slovakian artist Roman Ondak isn't shy about encouraging and manipulating such dizzying turns of events. Where previously he has had museum-goers mark their height on gallery walls and broken down national barriers at the Venice Biennale by having plants grow through the Slovak pavilion, for his first show in Scotland things look a lot more personal.

Ondak will present a series of still lifes he painted as a teenager, placing them beside the original object the work was taken from. While on one level this smacks of middle-aged show-and-tell, there are, according to Common Guild curator Kitty Anderson, more discreetly political and philosophical intentions behind the display.

‘I like the idea of exposing parts of the past which are not normally seen,’ she says, ‘but there's also this idea about loops and cycles that keep on filtering into Ondak's work, endlessly returning to the same place.’

To coincide with Some Thing, Ondak will present 'This Way, Please', a performance piece first seen in 1999 and which will be staged at GOMA.

‘There's something basically very human about Ondak's work,’ Anderson says. ‘There's a curiosity there about human behaviour.’

The Common Guild, Glasgow, until Sat 14 Dec.

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