Larry Lamb blasts EastEnders 'sweatshop'

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  • 8 October 2013
Larry Lamb

Larry Lamb

Larry Lamb has blasted 'EastEnders' for being a "sweatshop" and hit out at show bosses for putting actors under "tremendous pressures"

Larry Lamb has blasted 'EastEnders' as a "sweatshop".

The 65-year-old star hit out at the BBC One soap, on which he played no-nonsense pub landlord Archie Mitchell, for putting actors under "tremendous pressures", and he claimed show bosses would make the stars film up to 30 scenes a day.

He said: "It's a collective of 500 to 600 people all working together.

"As an actor, the whole time the cameras are on you, the whole thing is running on your head."

The 'Gavin and Stacey' star refers to 'EastEnders' as "The Machine" in his new autobiography 'Mummy's Boy' and recalled one instance when bosses had to re-write the script because one actress felt so under pressure she refused to leave her dressing room.

He added: "In the end the director was begging her, yet she couldn't come out of the dressing room because of the pressure. She never ever went on."

Former 'EastEnders' actress Lacey Turner - who played Stacey Slater, Archie's killer, on the show for six years - previously admitted she never used to watch herself back on the show because she was so tired after 14-hour days on set.

He wrote: "I didn't even watch it while I was in it! You don't have time and once you've been there for 14 hours you don't want to.

"Now I mostly watch TV at night, in bed after a cup of hot chocolate."

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