Domino effect hits the right note for Guinness ad

  • 9 November 2007

Proving the tagline ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’, the new Guinness advert rested on the fortunes of a giant domino topple.

As part of a £10 million campaign, the commercial was shot in an Argentinean mountainside village and recruited hundreds of locals to take part.

A team three spent days setting up the dominoes, which would topple in just 14 seconds.

Director Nicolai Fuglsig said it was a momentous challenge.

‘It was a really tough job.

‘From the remote high altitude location to having to frequently reset thousands of props as well as working with hundreds of villagers who had absolutely no understanding of acting or film making.’

The shoot, which took a week to complete, was aired on television for the first time last night.

Marketing manager for Guinness, Paul Cornell said: ‘The ad is fundamentally a celebration of community.

‘It shows an entire village coming together to create an awe-inspiring spectacle of toppling objects.’

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