Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment split

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  • 7 October 2013
Ricky Rayment and Jessica Wright clash

Ricky Rayment and Jessica Wright clash

'The Only Way is Essex' co-stars Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment have split up after coming to blows in the show's 'The Only Way is Vegas' special last night (06.10.13)

Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment have split up.

The 'Only Way is Essex' co-star's relationship has come to an end for what appears to be the final time after the pair came to blows on last night's (06.10.13) 'The Only Way is Vegas' special on the brunette beauty's birthday in Las Vegas.

Speaking to her friends, Sam and Billie Faiers, and Gemma Collins on the show, she said: "We've broken up. It's been coming to a head. We've not stopped rowing. Recently we've not been getting on.

"I can't believe this is happening. I've given everything in my heart. I should have left before."

Billie then asked Jess if she thinks the couple's split spells the end for their relationship to which she replied: "Yes. I can't believe I'm sitting in Vegas saying this but yeah."

The 28-year-old stunner and the 22-year-old star clashed after the pair, along with her girl pals and Bobby Norris, went to see legendary male strippers The Chippendales in Vegas as a birthday treat.

Ricky looked uncomfortable at having to attend the show from the outset, and when Jess was selected by one male stripper to go up on stage and receive a raunchy dance he turned his chair around and refused to watch the action before storming out.

Jess went outside to see if he was OK but Ricky launched into a huge rant at the birthday girl insisting she was wrong for going up on stage while he was there.

He shouted: "One, I didn't want to be there, two if you want to be there do it with you friends, not me.

"I'm not angry, I'm f***ed off with the situation. I am straight geezer watching a load of fellas with their c***s out.

"Look at your attitude - you're in the wrong, Jess."

Jess attempted to argue back during the dispute but was shouted down by the hunk - who previously admitted to cheating on her at the start of their relationship - and Sam then got involved in the row.

The blonde beauty blasted at Ricky: "You are such a brat. You are so aggy, you are so annoying. F**k off."

As Sam - who split from co-star Joey Essex earlier this year - stormed past him, he gave her two middle finger salutes before hitting back: "Look at my relationship. Look at yours - you don't have one."

But Sam had the last word, blasting: "Who cheated? Not me."

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