X Factor's Sese Foster pregnant

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  • 7 October 2013
Sese Foster [left] with Miss Dynamix

Sese Foster [left] with Miss Dynamix

'X Factor' wannabe Sese Foster has revealed she is pregnant and while she is due to give birth in January, show bosses are taking extra precautions in case she has the baby early during live shows

'X Factor' wannabe Sese Foster is pregnant.

The 22-year-old hopeful - who is part of Miss Dynamix alongside Jeanette Akua and Rielle Carrington - shocked show bosses by announcing she is nearly five months gone, and while she isn't due until January, extra precautions have been put in place in case she has the baby early during the live shows.

The mother-of-one said: "I found out I was pregnant at about three and a half months and I'm now at the 22 week stage.

"The dad, who is looking after my daughter, was thrilled.

"My new bandmates have been brilliant, they have been so supportive and really positive.

"They're already playing the auntie roles perfectly feeding me up and making sure I eat healthily."

Show bosses are set to bring in additional medical staff to be on standby at the programme's London studios and they are working out a schedule to ensure she gets plenty of rest in between filming.

An X Factor source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We were delighted to hear Sese's news.

"She's being well looked after and her rehearsals are being scheduled carefully to ensure she has plenty of time to rest.

"Her bandmates have even joked that they're looking forward to welcoming a fourth member to the band soon."

Meanwhile, 'X Factor' hopeful Kazeem Ajobe, a member of boy band Rough Copy, has revealed he has been in trouble for assault and drugs in the past.

In 2010 the 25-year-old hopeful was fined and cautioned for possession of cannabis, while in 2006 he got a caution for common assault on a man outside a train station and had to do 250 hours community service for affray in 2007.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "I've done things I am not proud of. I haven't been an angel but I am a changed man now.

"The last time I was in trouble was 2010. I've done my crime. I've done my time."

What's more, 'X Factor' wannabe Tamera Foster, 16, stole her boyfriend, Joshante Amihyia, 20, from another woman.

He told The Sun newspaper: "What she wants, she gets, and when I was in a relationship, she wanted me.

"We were texting each other and we kissed several times behind my girlfriend's back, although we didn't sleep together."

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