John Newman sounds like a 'goat'

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  • 6 October 2013
John Newman

John Newman

John Newman admits his unique voice divides people, with some thinking he sounds "like a dying goat"

John Newman's voice sounds like a "dying goat".

The 'Love Me Again' singer admits his unique tone divides people, and though some find his voice soulful, others are not so enamoured by his singing.

He said: "Some say it sounds like a dying goat. Some say it's soul singing."

Although John, 22, has suffered problems in his life - including his father walking out on himself, his brother and mother when he was just six years old, having two close friends die in a car accident, and being diagnosed with a non-cancerous brain tumour - he doesn't feel sorry for himself as the experiences have made him more "mature" and given him the drive to succeed.

He told Q magazine: "The best thing about that period, losing my friends, was that matured me. It shook me very, very hard and woke me up to the real world. And then the thing that followed [the tumour] gave me another kick in the a**e. The day I got out of the hospital I thought, 'Right, I'm off to make a f***ing record."

John Newman

Young soul singer who supplied the guest vocals on Rudimental's 'Feel the Love'.

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