GMTV outburst ‘unbelievably cathartic’ claims Mills

  • 9 November 2007

Heather Mills, the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, has returned to the GMTV sofa to speak about her outburst on live television last week.

Currently in the midst of a divorce settlement with the former Beatle, Mills said addressing the nation about her treatment in the media had been ‘unbelievably cathartic’.

She said of the interview: ‘I’ve had 18 months of the worst press ever and I got the chance to protect myself and my daughter.’

Mills added that she was pleased with the support she had received from the public and vowed to continue with her campaign to create ‘fair journalism’.

The interview with GMTV is one of many made by the charity worker over the last week.

A report in the latest Hello! magazine saw Mills call Sir Paul a ‘skinflint’ and ‘a man who hangs on to his money’.

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