Spencer Matthews: Caggie can change me

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  • 6 October 2013
Spencer at the Annual Fifi UK Fragrance Awards

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews doesn't think he is "mature" enough to sustain a steady relationship, but believes his ex-girlfriend Caggie Dunlop can "change his ways"

Spencer Matthews believes Caggie Dunlop could "change his ways".

The 'Made in Chelsea' star doesn't think he is "mature" enough to sustain a steady relationship and believes his co-star is the only woman he could ever be faithful to.

He said: "I don't think I currently have the maturity to deal with a serious relationship - I don't think I'm ready for one and I don't want one.

"I hurt people unintentionally and I make mistakes. The worst thing is, it bothers me a little bit, but then I get over it so quickly I repeat my mistakes.

"[What would make me change?] Caggie giving me a chance or meeting the right girl.

"I've always wondered whether I'd cheat on Caggie if we got together and I don't think I would ... She knows she could make me change my ways. We have this natural chemistry."

While he isn't ready for a serious relationship now, Spencer does want to settle down eventually.

He added to heat magazine: "I love the idea of being in love and being the perfect father and husband, but maybe in 10 years time."

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