The X Factor's Sese Foster is 'into girls'

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  • 3 October 2013
Sese Foster (centre) with Miss Dynamix

Sese Foster (centre) with Miss Dynamix

'X Factor' wannabe Sese Foster has revealed she's bisexual and says her boyfriend of eight years has no problem with her frolicking with women

'X Factor' wannabe Sese Foster is bisexual.

The singer - who is part of girl band Miss Dynamix with Jeanette Akua and Rielle Carrington - says she can't help but admire the female body and her boyfriend of eight years has no problem with her ogling other girls' bums.

She said: "I'm into girls, really. I don't know what I am ... I just know that if I see a female bum I feel like I have to grab it. I ask permission first.

"I saw one girl and said, 'I really don't want to be rude but I really want to smack your bum.' She smacked mine first and then she grabbed my breasts and it was like, 'Yes!' "

While her boyfriend Chavez accepts she has crushes on women, the 22-year-old hopeful - who has a three-year-old daughter - admits her mother is "shocked" by her bisexuality.

She told The Sun newspaper: "He's OK with me loving girls. He doesn't mind it. He just laughs about it. I think he's shocked.

"My mum's shocked. When it first started to happen - I think it started at the end of last year - my mum was like, 'Stop it, stop it.' "

Meanwhile, fellow 'X Factor' girl group Xyra - who will be competing with Miss Dynamix for a spot in Gary Barlow's Groups category in the live shows - insist they are the "most boring girl band ever".

Speaking after their latest audition for Gary during the Judges' Houses round in New York, Amy Hannah said: "We are going to bed. We have only had about five hours' sleep. This means everything to us. We are the most boring girl band ever.

"Technically we could go out, because we have done all the work, but I'll be going out at the weekend if we get through."

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