Charlotte Crosby devastated at fish death

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  • 1 October 2013
Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby finds out her pet fish Egg has died in tonight's (01.10.13) episode of 'Geordie Shore', so she holds a funeral for the freshwater creature to mark his passing

Charlotte Crosby is left devastated when her fish dies in tonight's (01.10.13) 'Geordie Shore'.

The brunette beauty feels so emotional about the passing of her beloved goldfish Egg - who she acquired along with his best mate Scramble - that she has to take co-star Scott Timlin with her to pick up the freshwater creature's body in case she turns into an "emotional wreck" at the sight of him.

She says: "Egg is dead. Egg was me favourite as well. I didn't ever want to tell anyone but there I said it. I'm taking Scott to pick up Egg's dead body cause I know if I fall in to a quivering ball of emotional wreck, Scott will be able to pick us up, cause he's canny muscle (sic)."

Scott adds: "I do feel a bit sorry for Charlotte cause she loved them fish to bits, but I can't help but think this is really weird."

To mark the passing of Egg, Charlotte holds a fish funeral for him, alongside her co-stars in the MTV reality show, before scattering his ashes in the sea.

Charlotte says: "I'm just so happy that they've all made the effort. Egg would have loved this.

"I know when I spread Egg's ashes in this sea he's gone forever, until I die and I get my ashes spread in the sea and we're together again, holding hands swimming through the ocean just like dolphins."

Gary Beadle, Charlotte's ex-boyfriend, adds: "At the end of the day it is sad that Egg's died, Charlotte's upset and she genuinely did love them f**king fish. But I didn't have a clue which one Egg was."

However, the funeral is also an uncomfortable occasion for newcomer Marnie Simpson as the brunette beauty admits she is still not feeling part of the 'Geordie Shore' family.

She says: "I'm feeling really left out cause I didn't know Egg and everyone else did. It's starting to remind us that I'm not part of this family yet."

Tonight's 'Geordie Shore' airs at 10pm on MTV.

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