Holly Hagan ups effort for 'Geordie Shore' sex sessions

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 September 2013
Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan always makes sure she puts in a good performance in the bedroom when she is being filmed in a saucy situation on 'Geordie Shore'

Holly Hagan always ensures she does a "bloody good job" when she is being filmed having sex on 'Geordie Shore'.

The busty beauty admits she tries to put in more effort than normal when she is getting jiggy with it on the MTV reality show because she knows so many people are watching her in action.

She said: "If you know you're being recorded, you give it your all.

"If you're in bed in the 'Geordie Shore' house and you know that there's seven people in the control room watching you, you're going to put in a bloody good job!"

While Holly is often aware when she is being filmed doing the deed on the show - on which there are cameras in the bedrooms - she didn't have a clue her and co-star James Tindale's sexy bathroom session was being filmed in a previous series.

She added to Nuts magazine: "There was a time in Mexico with me and James.

"It was the last night, and Gary and Charlotte were upstairs having sex, while me and James were in the bathroom s****ing.

"We were literally having sex for about four hours. I didn't realise that the cameras got it all - or the noises at least."

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