Nick Mason ready for Pink Floyd reunion

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  • 27 September 2013
Nick Mason

Nick Mason

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason wants to reunite with the band's other two surviving founding members, Roger Waters and David Gilmour

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason wants the band to reunite.

The star wants to get back together with the two surviving members of the legendary psychedelic band - bass player Roger Waters and guitarist David Gilmour - to play live, but warns it would have to be on the scale of Live 8 in 2005, which saw them play in aid of charity.

He told a reunion was "unlikely but possible" if the band had a "good enough reason ... an equivalent of Live Aid."

He added: "I would do it ... I'm ready to go. I'm packed, I have my drum kit, a suitcase and a wash bag by my front door ready for it when I ever get the call. But I'm not holding my breath."

Roger originally split from the band in 1985, causing a bitter rift between himself and David and Nick when he subsequently sued them for continuing to use the Pink Floyd name without him.

They put their differences aside for the 2005 show, and appeared together again in 2011 when they played a song together at Roger's staging of Pink Floyd album 'The Wall' in London. Roger has also recently admitted he had been wrong to sue his former bandmates.

Nick warned David will take some convincing, adding: "Roger's really happy doing his own show, and David [Gilmour] I really don't think wants to do it - to have to deal with the whole business, the enormity of that project. I think Dave really enjoys operating on his own."

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