Natalie Gumede had Corrie 'break down'

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  • 27 September 2013
Natalie Gumede as Kirsty Soames

Natalie Gumede

Natalie Gumede says filming violent scenes in 'Coronation Street' as abusive Kirsty Soames made her "break down"

Natalie Gumede says violent 'Coronation Street' scenes made her break down.

The actress left her role as abusive Kirsty Soames earlier this year and she admits filming scenes of domestic violence with Alan Halsall, who played her victim Tyrone Dobbs, had a huge impact on her.

She told The Sun newspaper: "It was a privilege to be in Corrie and to be trusted with such a challenging storyline but it left me completely physically exhausted. The problem with playing all of those violent scenes was that my body didn't know why I was shouting and crying -- it didn't know it was fake.

"My mind could switch off from what I had been doing but the exhaustion my body felt was as intense as if I had gone through a real trauma. I'd come off set shaking and at times I did break down and cry out of the sheer exhaustion, effort and frustration and everything else I was feeling."

Natalie - who is competing on the new series of 'Strictly Come Dancing' - struggled to keep up with her gruelling storyline and feels her exit from the ITV soap came at the perfect time.

She added: "I lived five minutes from the studio and I'd drive in to work because I was so tired, work a 12-hour day, then go home and learn my lines for the next day. I was lucky that the storyline ran its course when it did because the abuse was never sustainable."

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