Ke$ha writes 'fake orgasm' revenge song

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 September 2013


Ke$ha has written a revenge song about an ex-boyfriend, singing about "fake orgasms" and her lover's tiny penis

Ke$ha wrote a song about "fake orgasms" to get back at an ex-boyfriend.

The enraged singer has recorded a new track called 'U Suck A**', which was inspired by a recent romance gone sour with a gentleman she claims has a "tiny penis".

She said: "Right now [my new songs are] more dude-oriented, because I recently had this boy just be a total piece of s**t, douchebag piece of garbage [to me]. And he has a tiny penis, and he sucks real bad, so I'm writing about that."

"I wrote a song called 'F**k You', but then that title was already taken, so 'U Suck A**' is another title. It's talking about fake orgasms every time I had sex with him, and how I pawned all the diamonds he bought me in Vegas and bought some Chanel earrings."

While other pop stars including Taylor Swift are no strangers to writing about their failed relationships, Ke$ha, 26, warns that it's not a good idea to get on her bad side.

She told MTV News: "Don't f**k with me. Out of all the bitches to f**k with ... I'll write a whole album and tell somebody in an interview all about you, all the fake orgasms, tiny wieners."


The California-based songstress incorporates elements of R&B, rap and electro into her playful pop sound.

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