Michelle Collins considering Corrie return in two years

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  • 26 September 2013
Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins has hinted she might return to 'Coronation Street' in two years when her teenager daughter Maia goes to university

Michelle Collins may return to 'Coronation Street' in two years' time.

The actress is leaving the ITV soap in April 2014 after three years of playing Rovers Return landlady Stella Price, but is hoping to make a grand return once her teenage daughter Maia heads off to university.

She said: "I think when Maia goes to uni, who knows, Stella may go back! I've asked them not to kill her off, so there's always a door open, which is what they didn't do in 'EastEnders'! They've said they're not going to, so I hope they keep to their word."

The 51-year-old star decided to quit the programme after she realised how much her constant commuting and long hours filming in Manchester were affecting Maia, who goes to school in London, and her quality of life.

Michelle added to OK! magazine: "It was mainly to do with my daughter Maia. It's hard if you're a single parent, we're extremely close. I don't leave until next April and then she's only got another year until she goes to uni and that's it!

"I feel I owe her a bit more of my time - living away has taken its toll.

"It's like I'm in limbo the whole time, I don't really fit in anywhere! My mum's just had a really bad operation and sometimes you just need to be at home."

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