King Tut’s mummy goes on display for the first time

  • 5 November 2007

The mummy of King Tutankhamun has gone on display to the public for the first time inside his tomb in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings.

The 3,000-year-old boy pharaoh is being preserved by a climate-controlled glass coffin, which allows visitors to see his face for the first time.

However fears have been voiced over mass tourism, which could further deteriorate the already badly damaged mummy.

Zahi Hawas, Egypt’s antiquities chief, said the change in temperature caused by people entering the tomb will ‘change the mummy to powder’.

Thousands of tourists enter the underground chamber every month.

King Tut’s mummy was discovered by British explorer Howard Carter 85 years ago. It was broken into 18 pieces when it was removed from its resting place.

Tests later ruled out violent murder as his cause of death, but found he had a badly broken thigh which may have become infected.

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