Forced Entertainment theatre company present The Coming Storm and Tomorrow’s Parties

Forced Entertainment theatre company present The Coming Storm and Tomorrow’s Parties

The companion pieces contrast 'a huge sense of play' with a chamber piece built on improvisation

Forced Entertainment’s previous performances at Tramway – including Bloody Mess, which communicated an overwhelming message through constant miscommunication – have been inspiring and challenging in equal measure. Although they are rightly heralded as one of the UK’s most restlessly experimental companies, they are never obscure and make dynamic, accessible theatre.

For their return, Forced Entertainment are bringing two shows. ‘They are companion pieces,’ explains Claire Marshall, who has been with the company since 1989. ‘The Coming Storm is more in the world of Bloody Mess – a return to multiple narratives and a huge sense of play. And we have live music, for the first time.’

Tomorrow’s Parties is two performers and a set text which was built through improvisation. That’s much more of a chamber piece. It’s simply a wondering about the future. It shifts from being pessimistic to being silly and light-hearted.’

While previous works have taken on the history of the world, the problems of story-telling, mortality and a dark, nihilistic dystopia, Forced Entertainment are never simplistic in either production or plot: their works evolve over a performance, threading together witty characterisation, self-deprecating humour and a passionate belief in the vitality of theatre.

Tramway and Tron, Glasgow, Thu 10–Fri 11 Oct.

The Coming Storm

Forced Entertainment interweave multiple storylines, from love and death to sex and laundry, from shipwrecks to falling snow.

Tomorrow's Parties

International innovators Forced Entertainment's latest performance imagines a multitude of hypothetical futures. Two performers wreathed in coloured lights, like a strange fairground attraction, speculate about what tomorrow might bring.

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