Rob Drummond’s vaudevillian drama Bullet Catch comes home to the Arches

Rob Drummond’s vaudevillian drama Bullet Catch comes home to the Arches

Photo: Niall Walker

The show, which was partially inspired by Derren Brown, returns from its international touring stint

Following on from his recent successful and controversial Quiz Show and the National Theatre of Scotland-supported The Riot of Spring which scrutinised the London riots, Rob Drummond returns to Glasgow with Bullet Catch. Combining the story of a failed performance of magic’s most dangerous routine and meditations on life, determinism and redemption, it places the author centre stage as he coaxes an audience member to pull the trigger on him.

Although last seen in Edinburgh during the 2012 Fringe, Drummond explains that ‘it's never really gone away. We have toured it across the world, and it’s matured. It made sense to come back to The Arches, as that's where it began: kind of like a homecoming.’ Bullet Catch captures Drummond’s mercurial enthusiasms: science, faith and human nature are all covered as he moves from vaudeville trickster to melancholic philosopher.

He puts this shape-shifting down to ‘being really bored easily’, and although he is not shy of confronting serious issues, he points out that dark motifs are interesting avenues to explore. ‘Anything that is meaningful may be regarded as controversial,’ he says. ‘It's not something I court for its own sake.’

Partially inspired by Derren Brown, whom Drummond regards as 'closer to theatre than vaudevillian magician’, Bullet Catch focusses on the showman who uses cold reading to manipulate his audience. Drummond examines the nature of duping the vulnerable, before performing the titular stunt, although he is quick to stress that nobody gets hurt in the process.

The Arches, Glasgow, Tue 1–Sun 13 Oct.

Bullet Catch

Award-winning Stage Director Rob Drummond returns with a story about William Wonder as he attempts the riskiest magic stunt of all.