5 things you might not know about Stewart Lee

5 things you might not know about Stewart Lee

Photo: Steve Ullathorne

Including links to Alexei Sayle, Bridget Christie, Baconface... and Michael McIntyre

1 Stewart Lee is curator of The Alternative Comedy Experience, filmed at The Stand and shown on Comedy Central, showcasing acts that are unlikely to ever appear on Live at the Apollo.

2 He has been quite critical of some fellow comedians down the years, including Michael McIntyre. Lee has touted the intriguing notion of performing a show by the Roadshow guy verbatim but in his own style to try and see where the humour might in fact lie.

3 Alexei Sayle made a triumphant recent return to the nation’s comedy stages and we partly have Lee to thank for that, for he enticed the pioneer of 80s alternative comedy out of unofficial stand-up retirement. When Lee offered advice, Sayle insists that he did what he was told, dubbing him as ‘our leader’.

4 Just across the road from where Sayle was causing a storm of delight during August, Lee was strapping strips of bacon onto a mask, donning a Rush t-shirt, slugging canned lager and becoming cult 80s Canadian comic Baconface. A defiant and delightful in-joke for Stew acolytes, quite what it would have looked like to anyone who went along unaware of the gag is anyone’s guess.

5 Lee is married to Bridget Christie, who won this year’s Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award, previously known as the If.comedy award and the Eddies and the Iffies and, most notably, the Perrier. Whatever it’s been called, Lee has generally been rather outspoken regarding his antipathy towards such gongs. It’s a stance which, anti-Stew types would like us to believe, has led to some pretty awkward exchanges across the Lee / Christie breakfast table.

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Wed 9 Oct. The second series of The Alternative Comedy Experience will air on Comedy Central in early 2014.

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Stewart Lee: Content Provider

Lee's latest live show is undoubtedly just as caustic as ever.

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