Mr Shingu’s Paper Zoo (4 stars)

Review: Mr Shingu’s Paper Zoo

Origami-based game aimed at children is brilliantly implemented and incredibly simple to use

(Stormcloud Games) iOS/Android

Dundee developers Stormcloud Games have come up with a charming kids’ title that really takes advantage of touch screen capabilities of modern tablets and phones. You start the game with an empty zoo then open up blank pieces of paper and fold them into origami animals (all the designs are real origami patterns created by Japanese expert Mr Fumiaki Shingu). It’s brilliantly implemented and incredibly simple to use. These critters then spring to life to populate your virtual world. You can paint them, name them, then build them homes, trees, toys and other doodads, taking care of your paper menagerie much like a tamagotchi, cleaning up after them, feeding them and keeping them happy.

Paper Zoo really is aimed at children so is purposely simplistic but the basic gameplay and cute animals will definitely keep the little ones amused. The origami designs can also be copied and kids are encouraged to make the 24 different animals (some are elegantly simple to make; others a touch more challenging) in the real world.

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