Review: Treme Season 3 released on DVD (5 stars)

Review: Treme Season 3 released on DVD

Deep and intoxicating penultimate season to quietly brilliant follow-up to The Wire


David Simon’s The Wire might have grabbed all the glory, but his follow-up project (co-created by Eric Overmyer) continues to be quietly brilliant. It may not have garnered the headline attention of his hard-hitting crime drama, but Treme tells as deep and as intoxicating a story. Set in a post-Katrina New Orleans (Treme is a mid-city district with a rich musical history that was heavily hit by the flooding), season three is set roughly two years after the hurricane but its damage is still evident in the infrastructure and people of the city.

This series sees Steve Zahn writing his jazz / blues opera; Michiel Huisman fighting his addictions, while Kim Dickens tries not to ruin the opening of her own restaurant. Each of these story threads (and more) are brilliantly brought to life and constantly involving and evolving; however the main plot is the investigation into murder and police corruption by lawyer Melissa Leo and journalist Chris Coy which lends this season a continually ominous tone.

Another unique aspect of Treme is how much the music, food and city are characters in their own right. Jazz, blues and carnival are woven into the story, bringing this vibrant party town to life, while the food sizzles and tantalises in glorious, delicious close-up (not surprising as celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain helps out on storylines). It’s such a shame season four will be the last, as Simon has created some incredibly realistic, naturalistic characters brought to life by a superb cast.

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