Romeo Dunn: So Solid Crew 'too big' for Big Reunion

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 September 2013
Romeo Dunn and BRIAN the robot

Romeo Dunn and BRIAN the robot

Romeo Dunn thinks So Solid Crew are too big for 'The Big Reunion' and deserve to have a show dedicated to themselves rather than with other groups

Romeo Dunn thinks So Solid Crew are too big for 'The Big Reunion'.

The rapper believes the '21 Seconds' group - who were made up of 19 initial members, including Lisa Maffia and MC Harvey, but later expanded - deserve to have their own reunion show because it wouldn't be fair on the other artists to take over the programme with their huge collective.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "'The Big Reunion' is a brilliant idea. But my question would be whether they would actually handle So Solid?

"I think So Solid deserves its own platform or its own reunion show because having so many members in one place would take up so much time and you've got to think of the other artists.

"If So Solid were to do something like that then it would have to be a So Solid show."

While the group are already together, Romeo - who finished sixth in 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2012 - admits he would be keen to star in a So Solid Crew documentary programme, but doesn't see himself following in the footsteps of the likes of Peter Andre and Katie Price by landing his own reality show.

He added: "If the other members are up for having our own show then I'm up for it.

"I wouldn't like my only personal show I don't think but I can't speak too soon."

Romeo has recently been busy teaming up with's BRIAN the Robot to launch Quick Quote, a new service which aims to give 'boy and girl racers' a quote within 21 seconds on a smartphone.

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