The best upcoming books and book events for autumn 2013

The best upcoming books and book events for autumn 2013

Peter May: Hebrides

New books from Courtney Love, Lesley McDowell and Rosa Rankin-Gee

When the nights draw closer I like to get cosy with the sort of books that make the rest of the world go quiet. I'll be starting with Lesley McDowell's psychosexual Gothic treat Unfashioned Creatures, then Rosa Rankin-Gee's complex and dark The Last Kings of Sark, finishing up with a bit of inspirational madness in Courtney Love's much-anticipated autobiography.

I'm not much of a sun-worshipper (pale skin + glasses + tattoos = sunburn and squinted-up eyes), so Peter May's Hebrides is my sort of armchair travel book: looming hulks of abandoned boats, sweeping hills, ramshackle cottages, and some seriously moody skies.

If you're thinking about taking on the National Novel Writing Month challenge in November, jumpstart your creativity with Jeff Vandermeer's visual writing guide, Wonderbook – and look out for more on NaNoWriMo in our next issue.

Autumn is the perfect season to cosy up with a book, but the Wigtown Book Festival (Fri 27 Sep-Sun 6 Oct) will be worth braving the chill for. As well as lots of bookish fun, there's night-cycling, novel-plotting, campfire cooking, saltmarsh foraging and a drive-in film screening. But don't give up on getting cosy: you could spend the night in a specially constructed bed among the shelves of Scotland's largest Book Club.

Wigtown Book Festival

An established and celebrated feature in the Scottish literary calendar attracting many big names. For ten days Scotland’s National Book Town buzzes with book events as well as theatre, music and site-specific events in quirky venues. The 2020 event will now take place online and will feature two main themes: Resilience…