Barbara Windsor: EastEnders 'is in a state'

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  • 19 September 2013
Peggy and Phil Mitchell

Peggy and Phil Mitchell

Barbara Windsor has called for changes on 'EastEnders' after admitting the BBC One soap is "in a state", and she blasted the show for axing her good friend Pam St. Clement

Barbara Windsor has called for a shake up on 'EastEnders' after admitting it is "in a state".

The 76-year-old actress, who is to reprise her role as Peggy Mitchell in a one-off episode, is concerned that the BBC One show has fallen behind 'Coronation Street' and 'Emmerdale' in the ratings and thinks it needs to be improved it if is to climb back up the soap league table.

She said: "It's in a bit of a state the show at the moment, it's not getting there, we're third, we've never been third ever so it needs working on."

Barbara recently hit out at 'EastEnders' for killing off popular Pat Butcher - who was played by her friend Pam St. Clement - and she has blasted the show again as a "disgrace" for ditching her pal, and admitted the 71-year-old star was shocked when she was told her alter-ego was being axed from the show.

She explained: "[Letting] Pam [go] was a disgrace, we never understood it. She told me she wanted a little time off and next thing I know she's phoning me up saying, 'Can I come and see you?' She looked at me, her face with big tears, and she went, 'They're killing me off, Bar'.

"Nobody knew why, nobody and by God isn't she missed!

"I hope she doesn't mind me saying that ... I think everybody knew she didn't want to go, it was a shock to her. She's a good bird and she's a good lady to have in a show like that."

Barbara's returning 'EastEnders' scenes see Peggy at her son Phil Mitchell's (Steve McFadden) hospital bedside following his terrible car accident, and she has revealed there will be a special scene after the credits for fans to enjoy.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning', she added: "They are very nicely written scenes, just five scenes, but there's a wonderful scene at the very, very end. After the credits.

"I asked them, I said, 'Could I possibly do this?' That comes at the very end."

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