The best TV for autumn and winter 2013

The best TV coming your way in Autumn 2013

The 50th anniversary of Dr Who. BBC 1, Sat 23 Nov

Dr Who 50th anniversary, The Tunnel, Homeland, The Walking Dead, Trueblood, Dracula and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

’It really is a golden age for television right now, with quality shows from both sides of the Atlantic competing for our viewing pleasure.

The biggest TV show of the season has to be the 50th anniversary of Dr Who (BBC 1, Sat 23 Nov) which will see Matt Smith and current companion Jenna Coleman joined by David Tennant and Billie Piper for a double Doctor special to celebrate five decades of sci-fi brilliance. Another huge sci-fi show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Channel 4, Fri 27 Sep), will be making its debut. Overseen by geek guru Joss Whedon, it's the first official spin-off from the current crop of Marvel movies with direct links to Avengers, Iron Man, Thor etc.

The French / Anglo production The Tunnel (Sky Atlantic, mid-Oct tbc) – its adverts scream 'from the makers of Broadchurch' - is 'inspired by' our Nordic noir favourite The Bridge with a subterranean twist as a politician's body is found in the Euro Tunnel. There's more mystery with a political edge as Homeland (Channel 4, early Oct, tbc) returns for a third series, featuring the most dysfunctional relationship on telly as Clare Danes hunts wanted terrorist Damian Lewis.

Vampire fans will be pleased to see the glossy world of Deep South Americana in True Blood with a penultimate sixth season (Fox, Mon 30 Sep) and there's a new series based on Dracula (Sky Living, mid-Oct tbc) with Jonathan Rhys Meyers starring as the titular bloodsucker. Though if you prefer zombies, check out The Walking Dead Season 4 (Fox, mid-Oct tbc) with more blood, death and hard choices for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in a world of the undead.

Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Trailer BBC One

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