The best upcoming gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh - September/October 2013

The best upcoming gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh - September/October 2013

Oneohtrix Point Never

Fleetwood Mac, Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never all set for UK tours

There’s tonnes of good music happening in the next few months – plenty of excellent acts coming to town from far and away, plus local venues being used for one-off, exciting things.

Anyone who saw Tim Hecker in Pilrig Church, Edinburgh last year will know he puts on a genuinely immersive, foreboding and amazing show, and he’s playing the Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow (Fri 20 Sep), a few weeks before putting out a new album Virgins (Mon 14 Oct)

Things get psychedelic with an appearance from Plankton Wat (The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Thu 26 Sep, with Ben Reynolds). Hear Mr Wat (real name Dewey Mahood) and his hypno-folk at his label's Bandcamp page.

Those who missed this year’s Music Language Festival can catch Music Language Redux up the road in Dundee (DCA, Sat 28 Sep), featuring the ridiculously good beats of Stefan Blomeier and Claire, and the powerful chaos of Muscletusk, amongst others. I’ve been listening a lot to a cassette by Glasgow’s Instructional Media, which includes stuff from Stefan and Claire (real name Elise Tippins), as well as the brains behind the label, Lewis Cook (Mother Ganga/Flaccid Haus/The Cosmic Dead/Happy Meals), Jamie McNeill (Estaitis/Cru Servers), Rickie McNeill (Fox Gut Daata/Cru Servers), Callum Monteith, and plenty others. Listen to the recent Instructional Media album Lithic Grid.

Daniel Lopatin, better known as Oneohtrix Point Never is playing Glasgow (CCA, Tue 1 Oct), and if his new album, R Plus Seven (Mon 30 Sep) is anything to go by – riddled with frenzied synths and celestial chills – that one should be a belter. Scotland gets a monster-sized new music venue this month, with the opening of The Hydro, and an appearance from Fleetwood Mac (Thu 3 Oct) might just be the perfect way to christen it.

Glasgow weirdo-pop duo Conquering Animal Sound recently put out a typically loopy-good video, the Lachlann-Rattray directed fantasia, for ‘No Dream’ from their most recent album, On Floating Bodies and catch them live at the Pleasance, Edinburgh (Thu 24 Oct) and the Glad Café, Glasgow (Fri 25 Oct).

Joe Stannard, Brighton-based putter-on of experimental audiovisual nights The Outer Church, makes his Scottish debut. (The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, Fri 25 Oct; Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow, Sat 26 Oct). Expect droning, radiophonic live sounds, plus a screening of cult psychedelic campfire horror movie, I Can See You, by Graham Reznik. More than just a straightforward gig, it’s the perfect intermedia night to give you the creeps before Halloween. We'll soon have a specially-made mixtape from Joe online here at The List.

The return of Sonica festival (various venues, Glasgow, Thu 31 Oct–Sun 3 Nov) is always an intriguing prospect, billing itself as ‘sonic art for the visually minded’, it features video installations, interactive phone apps, and a performance at Tramway of ‘sound sculptress’ Maja S K Ratkje, (Thu 31 Oct).

Fleetwood Mac

Still going after more than 50 years, rock veterans Fleetwood Mac return. This time though, they've replaced guitarist Lindsay Buckingham with Mike Campbell and Neil Finn.

Music Language Festival

A festival of live music from Cry Parrot and Tracer Trails celebrating the Scottish underground indie scene featuring the likes of National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Eagleowl, Vars of Litchi, Konx-om-Pax, Ela Orleans, Flaccid Haus, P6 & Skitter, Jer Reid, Stevie Jones & friends, Noma, The Cosmic Dead and many more in…


Cutting edge performance by established international artists, crossing the boundaries of music, theatre, visual and electronic art. It is produced by Cryptic, who are responsible for some of the most fascinating live performance work in the country. Since its launch in 2012, the festival has presented over 400 events by…

Tim Hecker

Ambient drone/electronica made up of live organ, bass rumbles and static.

Conquering Animal Sound

The Glasgow-based twosome of Anneke Kampman and James Scott plays experimental pop and ambient electronica.

Oneohtrix Point Never

Lush electronica from Brooklyn's Daniel Lopatin.

The Outer Church

Self-styled 'occult strategies and weird sonic fiction' at this compilation launch.

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