Sir Bruce Forsyth to quit Strictly Come Dancing?

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  • 18 September 2013
Sir Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth

Sir Bruce Forsyth is to quit 'Strictly Come Dancing' after this year's series, according to his pal Ronnie Corbett, as he is starting to feel the strain of the "gruelling" Saturday night schedule

Sir Bruce Forsyth is to quit 'Strictly Come Dancing' this year.

Ronnie Corbett - who has been showbiz pals with Bruce for more than 30 years - is convinced the 85-year-old host will step down from the BBC show after this year's series as the "gruelling" Saturday night schedule is finally taking its toll on him.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: "Bruce seems to thrive on entertaining but whether he will thrive after this series of 'Strictly' I don't know.

"He must get tired. I think after this series he will give himself a Brucie Bonus.

"Every Saturday is gruelling. It is really hard going.

"It is not something I could do each week on Saturday nights now.

"I enjoy working but only on certain things. Bruce is a special breed and his talents are very diverse as he can dance and play the piano.

"But Bruce does not walk down the stairs now -- he comes down from the side like a dancer."

Bruce has been taking the occasional Saturday night off to recuperate and rumour has it that Ronnie - who fronted a one-off show in 2009 in place of his pal - could be the new permanent alternative.

Meanwhile, Sir Bruce - who started out in the showbiz industry when he was just 14 - hinted earlier this year he was considering jetting off to Puerto Rico, the home of his wife Wilnelia, for half of the year because he was sick of British weather.

He said previously: "I'd contemplate just doing six months a year in this country. If this is going to be our regular winter, I'm going to vanish in October and come back again at the end of May."

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