Music lovers of all ages welcome at the Glasgow UNESCO City of Music Family Day

Music lovers of all ages welcome at the Glasgow UNESCO City of Music Family Day

Among those providing soundtracks to the free & cheap events are the RSNO, BBC SSO and Red Note

When you’re trying to appeal to a child barely out of nappies, right up to a teenager with fixed ideas on what’s cool, planning a ‘family fun day’ can be an arduous task. Now in its third year, the Glasgow UNESCO City of Music Family Day aims to get the balance right, with live music performances, storytelling and opportunities to play instruments or learn to be a DJ all on the menu.

‘We only work with organisations and individuals who are specialists in this area,’ says director of Glasgow UNESCO City of Music, Svend Brown, who has recruited the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Children’s Classic Concerts, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the Red Note Contemporary Music Ensemble, among others, to make the day a success.

‘With the music itself, we aim to produce at least one event that will specifically serve each age group, from toddlers to teens. This year we’ve split the activities over two venues, so older kids can go to City Halls where it’s all very hands on and active, while at the Royal Concert Hall it’s much more about stories and fairy tales.’

Removing barriers to musical enjoyment is a key aspect of Brown’s plans, so almost all the activities and concerts are free, and those that aren’t cost just £2 a ticket. For Brown, the Family Day is not just for people who already learn instruments, but for everyone.

‘This project isn’t about inspiring musicians of the future – we already do that in other ways – it’s about reminding people of all ages how much pleasure can be got from listening and joining in with music,’ he says. ‘There is plenty of research to suggest that if you join in with your family, you’re more likely to have an excellent experience and want to continue playing and discovering music. I also want to ensure that young people are encouraged to be demanding and adventurous listeners, and these Family Days are an easy way to try new things.’

Royal Concert Hall and City Halls, Glasgow, Sat 28 Sep.

Glasgow UNESCO City of Music Family Day

A day of music for the family; Chris Jarvis tells the story of Peter and the Wolf as performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the RSNO goes up a beanstalk (not all at the same time, hopefully) and there's a winter wonderland presented by those irrepressible funsters Owen and Olly. Also facepainting, storytelling…