Madonna waiting for Daft Punk to call

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  • 17 September 2013


Madonna is waiting for Daft Punk to return her call so they can work together on her next album

Madonna is waiting for Daft Punk to return her call.

The 'Hung Up' hitmaker is keen for the French electro duo to produce some tracks for her, after they made a triumphant comeback earlier this year.

In a Reddit 'Ask Me Almost Anything' webchat, she wrote: "I would love to work with Daft Punk. Just waiting for them to return my call."

Daft Punk worked with Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams - who have both previously worked with Madonna - on their last album, 'Random Access Memories', and have previously said they were interested in collaborating with the singer.

Pharrell previously said: "We were at a party for Madonna's last album and I was like [to Daft Punk], 'You guys should have produced this! Why did that not happen? Madonna and the robots would have been unbelievable!' They were like, 'We're working on something'."

Also during her chat Madonna hinted at new music, as when asked whether she would make a new album soon, she replied: "There might creative juices are flowing."

The 'Material Girl' star also said she felt her 2003 album 'American Life' was unfairly judged by critics, because of its critical subject matter.

In response to a question about why that album wasn't as successful as some of her others, she wrote: "Because i dealt with a lot of controversial issues in it. i criticized american politics, the entertainment business in hollywood..i was in an angry mood when i was making it. maybe that came across. but i was in an angry mood when i made my last album [2012's 'MDNA'] too. (sic)"


The multi-million selling American singer-songwriter, actress, director and entrepreneur performs pop in support of her album MDNA.

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