Profile: Cooly G, the Hyperdub DJ behind 'Love Dub'

Profile: Cooly G, the Hyperdub DJ behind 'Love Dub'

Cooly G appears at Glasgow's Different Drum alongside Lone

Name Cooly G

Also known as Merrisa Campbell

Occupation South London’s first lady of dubstep, one of Hyperdub’s crown jewels, the woman behind 2009’s breakthrough slow groove ‘Love Dub’ and it’s rough-edged twin ‘Narst’, as well as an unlikely but lovely breakbeat glide through Coldplay’s ‘Trouble’ on last year’s ambitious debut LP Playin’ Me.

Where did she start? ‘My dad had a soundsystem, my mum and my uncle were into music, so I just felt that bass and got converted right away,’ she says. ‘They listened to rare groove, drum ‘n’ bass, jungle, reggae, dub, ska. I first made a track when I’d just left school, when was 15, but I’d been DJing before that. I taught myself, I used to make beats on anything, baked bean tins or whatever.’

Where has she been? ‘I started out just makin’ tunes, tryin’ to do something. I’d just had a kid before I made the first EP (2008’s ‘Dub Organiser Vol 1’), so I was like, oh my god, I gotta do something. I don’t wanna work in McDonalds. Then I released ‘Love Dub’ and it got a bit dramatic from there. The response was really good to the album and I was happy with it, it just seems like it could’ve done more, being such a different album.’

Where is she going? ‘I’ve got my next Dub Organiser (her label) EP out in a couple of weeks, then my own EP after that (‘Hold Me’, released in November). It’s got a housey vibe to it and some stupid bass, but I don’t know how to describe my music. Then I’ve got a couple of collabs too, but I don’t know if I’m gonna let that out yet.’

Any other business? Also appearing here will be Nottingham’s R&S-signed producer of rhythmic, laid-back electronica Lone, aka Matt Cutler.

*Cooly G plays Different Drum at Saint Judes, Glasgow, Thu 19 Sep alongside Lone.

Cooly G - Love Dub

Cooly G - Narst

Different Drum

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