5 reasons to attend Human is Not Alone

5 reasons to attend Human is Not Alone

Fat Goth, United Fruit, Hey Enemy and Vasquez unite to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care

1 It’s happening for the best possible reasons
Usually The List can’t resist being a bit cheeky when writing the '5 Reasons...' column, but sadly Human is Not Alone is deadly serious. A charitable push in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care, it’s been instigated by Scots musician and academic Robbie Cooper (of Laeto, Geisha, Iron Crease and American Men), who is himself suffering from a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

2 There are lots of ways to enjoy it
Any of these gigs for a start, or there’s always the special compilation album being released on Mon 16 Sep for a £5 donation.

3 Some great bands are involved
Get yourself along to any of the live concerts and your ears will be treated to a high-quality four band line-up featuring some of Scotland’s finest exponents of inventive, alternative rock music. We’re talking Fat Goth, United Fruit, Hey Enemy and Vasquez, which would be worth the price of admission even if you weren’t putting your money towards such a good cause.

4 You’ll be putting your money towards a good cause
Like we just said. But part of the point here, says Cooper, is to prove that music’s a valuable source of community spirit and companionship.

5 The album’s really good too
Doubling as a retrospective of Cooper’s career and a handy compilation in its own right, tracks from all those named above sit alongside songs by RM Hubbert, the fondly remembered Lapsus Linguae and Macrocosmica, and Fugazi playing live in Aberdeen.

Human is Not Alone is at Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Thu 19 Sep; Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 20 Sep; Non-Zero's, Dundee, Sat 21 Sep.

Human Is Not Alone

Live DIY sounds from Fat Goth, United Fruit, Vasquez and Hey Enemy, plus special guest DJs, playing in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care.