Sophie Kasaei clashes with cousin Marnie on Geordie Shore

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  • 14 September 2013
Sophie Kasaei

Sophie Kasaei

Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei didn't know her cousin Marnie Simpson was going to be on the MTV reality show until she walked through the door of their apartment

Sophie Kasaei came to blows with her cousin Marnie Simpson when she joined the 'Geordie Shore' cast.

The blonde star had no idea the brunette stunner was going to be on the MTV reality show until she walked through the door of the group's Newcastle apartment, and Marnie admits the pair clashed at first despite being related.

Marnie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Sophie was shocked. It was a bit of a strain on us at first, especially her more than me. She didn't like it that I was in there.

"She came around in the end. We got through it and we're happy."

James Tindale added: "Sophie was like, 'I'm the star of the family.' "

As well as her cousin, Sophie's boyfriend Joel Corry also makes another appearance on the show in the upcoming seventh series and co-star Scott Timlin was particularly pleased because he loves getting the hunk drunk and watching him act like a "clown" in a similar way to former co-star Dan Thomas-Tuck.

He said: "He dresses like a girl but I really like having Joel there. When he's there it's like having Dan there.

"Everyday we used to be like, 'Lets get Dan smashed because he's hilarious when he's drunk.' It was the entertainment for the lads.

"So that's what it was like when Joel was there because when he gets smashed he just turns into an absolute clown."

James added: "He wears the clothes that Sophie should wear."

The seventh series of 'Geordie Shore' starts on Tuesday (17.09.13) at 10pm on MTV.

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