Alice Bell

Tron, Glasgow, Thu 2-Sat 4 Nov


Hope seems to be a commodity that much of our theatre is short of these days, particularly when there are political subtexts to be located in the work concerned. It’s gratifying then that the English company, Lone Twin, should venture into something like optimism amid a lot of suffering in this new piece, which has already toured internationally.

The character of the title is an entirely fictional female, born into a vaguely defined nation violently divided, whose entire life story is non-chronologically told in this bit of avant garde narrative. The striking thing about the lady concerned is her optimism, and her joy at music and singing, a salvation for a troubled and sometimes lonely life, which seeks companionship where it can. All this, in spite of the fact that this protagonist is murdered. The piece boasts a five strong cast from an international array of countries and a variety of ages. It’s already distinguished itself at the Battersea Arts Centre - and looks set to amuse and move here.

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