David Attenborough to make acting debut

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  • 11 September 2013
Sir David Attenborough

David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough has been practising his accents to voice prehistoric creatures in Sky 1's new documentary, 'Night At The Natural Museum'

Sir David Attenborough is to make his acting debut as a TV dinosaur.

The wildlife expert has been practicing his voiceover skills to portray the prehistoric creatures for Sky 1's new documentary, 'Night At The Natural Museum', which is set to air next year.

David told The Sun newspaper: "It's about what happens at night time in the museum when all the visitors have gone home.

"Some of the animals come to life and complain they have been misrepresented and their skeletons have been put together the wrong way - which is actually true.

"It's a computer-generated special and I narrate on their behalf. I haven't done it yet so maybe I should adopt a West Country accent for one of them."

The 87-year-old TV legend has been gracing British screens for 60 years, but revealed his career as a presenter and documentary-maker was almost cut short because his teeth were deemed too large.

David said: "Life certainly could have been very different ... I tried out as a presenter [at the BBC].

"But it wasn't until a farewell party 20 to 30 years later that I read a memo from Mary Adams, Head of Factual Broadcasting.

"It said something like, 'David is a good chap and intelligent. May be good producer material, but he is not to be used as an interviewer again. His teeth are too big'."

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