Chris Fountain dons masks to party in US

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  • 11 September 2013
Chris Fountain

Chris Fountain

Former 'Coronation Street' star Chris Fountain partied in a series of masks and bizarre outfits in the US following his sacking from the show last month after explicit videos of him rapping under alter-ego The Phantom surfaced online

Chris Fountain wore a series of masks to party at a wild US festival following his "rape rapper" controversy.

The disgraced former 'Coronation Street' star was pictured in a bizarre series of outfits at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, which ran from August 26 to September 2, just weeks after he was sacked from the ITV soap after explicit videos of him rapping about rape and violence under masked alter-ego The Phantom surfaced online.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "He wanted to get away from everything. The Burning Man came at the perfect time. He was out there with Ryan and a couple of other mates and he had an amazing few days."

The 25-year-old actor- who played mechanic Tommy Duckworth - escaped his troubles by fleeing the UK to attend the spectacle with friends including his former co-star Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw), but he is now believed to be living in New York until the controversy in the UK dies down.

The source explained: "If you're going to lose yourself anywhere, the Burning Man is the place to do it but when it ended, the realisation of what he was coming back to set in and he couldn't face it.

"Ryan flew home but Chris stayed out there. He's going to give it a few weeks but he's definitely not in any rush to get back to the UK.

"He's fully aware his career could be over. Who is going to want to employ him after all this? He's very low at the moment and it's going to take a lot to lift his spirits."

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