Flight Path

Flight Path

Traverse, Edinburgh, Tue 6–Sat 10 Nov


David Watson’s new play, presented by Out of Joint, explores Britain’s youth from a multi-generational perspective. The piece presents 12 months in 12 scenes depicting the life of an 18-year-old North London boy, Jonathon (played by Cary Crankson). ‘It begins with a family break-up which coincides with the arrival home of his brother (Scott Swadkins) who has Down’s syndrome,’ says Watson. ‘So he’s forced into becoming a parental figure. The play is about his rebellion against that role.’

Watson kick-started his career aged 17 with the slightly surreal character study Just a Bloke and is currently enjoying an attachment with the Royal Court Theatre. That he should have achieved such an accolade at the tender age of 22 speaks volumes about his talent, much of which lies in his ability to reflect modern youth culture using colloquial North London dialect. ‘The language has changed so much over the last decade with influences from the Black, American, Jewish and Asian communities and that’s something I wanted to reflect on stage.’

Watson goes on to describe what makes his play stand out from the many other coming-of-age tales. ‘With these characters and situations you could go down a negative path and while it does have dark moments, there’s a definite sense of optimism which appeals to people. I think it’s a quirky take on the rites of passage story.’ The playwright is also delighted to be collaborating on the first full-length show from new directing talent Naomi Jones. ‘It’s a fresh young hopeful enterprise and it’s great working in that spirit.’

Flight Path

Jonathan's 18. Bright boy. Great future. People expect things... Especially now that his Dad's walked out, his Mum got her career, and Danny needs looking after. Danny - his brother with Down's syndrome and a love of creative swearing. But his best friend needs him too. It's hard work burgling houses all on your own...

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