Paines Plough at Oran Mor

Roxana Silbert

Oran Mor, Glasgow, until Sat 17 Nov


One of the features of Oran Mor’s Play, Pie and Pint of recent times has been its capacity to forge links with other companies. Over the next few weeks, there’ll be a chance to see three pieces from English Company Paines Plough, one of the UK’s leading facilitators of new work.

Among the treats on offer is Che Walker’s Crazy Love. The writer of gangster tales is in familiar territory here, with the story of a young woman who falls for an apparent ne’er do well. It’s really about how we load a lot of expectation onto certain kinds of young men, but he actually only appears to be bad’, explains Roxana Silbert, artistic director of Paines Plough, who will direct alternate shows in the season with associate director George Perrin. There’s also Between Dog and Wolf a wild gothic morality tale by Sean Buckley, a new writer from Ireland, and The Dirt Under the Carpet from Aberdeen’s own Rona Munro. Set in the city of her birth, it tells the story of two cleaning ladies at a plush office. ‘They never meet the people they clean up after, but it’s as if they know them from what they throw away’, explains Silbert, of a piece that might have an ecological edge.

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