Where to buy Arcade Fire's new single, ‘Reflektor’

Arcade Fire

The new song is being released on 12″ vinyl at limited UK locations - read the full list to find your nearest store

Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire are set to release brand new single ‘Reflektor’ at 9pm on Mon 9 Sep. Glasgow’s Love Music and Monorail will be the only Scottish record stores selling the single on 12″ vinyl.

On Thu 5 Sep, the band released a teaser clip titled ‘9pm 9/9’ (watch below); the internet duly went crazy at the prospect of hearing a new Arcade Fire single on the following Monday evening.

The James Murphy-produced nine minute track was leaked on Sunday morning followed by the news that it featured none other than David Bowie. All leaks have since been deleted by the band’s record company Universal ahead of tonight’s release.

The single will also be accompanied by a video directed by Anton Corbijn, the former photographer behind Ian Curtis biopic Control and Nirvana’s ‘Heart Shaped Box’ music video.

‘Reflektor’ is the first we’ll hear from Arcade Fire's forthcoming album of the same name, which is due to be released on Tue 29 Oct, and is said to be a bit of a cross between LCD Soundsystem and Talking Heads. Make of that what you will.

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Arcade Fire

The headily-acclaimed Canadian ensemble perform songs from their upcoming album, as well as tracks from their back catalogue.

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