Helen Flanagan angers Celebrity Super Spa bosses

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  • 9 September 2013
Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan frustrated 'Celebrity Super Spa' bosses by turning up late for filming and refusing to wear trousers on the Channel 5 reality show

Helen Flanagan angered 'Celebrity Super Spa' bosses by refusing to wear trousers on the show.

The former 'Coronation Street' beauty received a ticking off from producers after turning up 90 minutes late for her first day of training as a beautician on the Channel 5 reality show, and after complaining about the uniform she was made to change her peep-toe shoes "for health and safety reasons".

According to the Daily Star newspaper, she told bosses: "I want to look glamorous. I don't wear trousers. I don't like them."

The 23-year-old stunner was nicknamed "Her Royal Highness" by her fellow stars - who included former 'Blue Peter' presenter Yvette Fielding and celebrity chefs Rustie Lee and John Burton Race - for her diva-like antics.

She is said to have sobbed: "Everyone's ganging up on me. I feel like I'm at school being told off. I'm not a diva. None of this is my fault."

Despite frustrating her fellow stars, Helen - who recently split from soccer star Scott Sinclair - got on well with The Only Way is Essex's James 'Arg' Argent and he helped her with deal with her relationship heartache during filming.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We were there for each other, really. There were plenty of nights where we went out and had a few drinks then came back and had deep chats.

"We'd talk to each other about stuff and we just became really, really close and could really open up to each other about anything.

"If she had any issues then she could tell me and the same for me with her."

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