Alex Turner to take up gardening?

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  • 8 September 2013
Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner would take to gardening if he ever lost his songwriting ability, although he isn't anywhere near running out of ideas yet

Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner would take up gardening if he ever lost his songwriting ability.

The 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?' singer has no fears his skills as a songwriter are running out - even after making five albums with the band in eight years - but if they did, he'd turn his hand to horticulture.

Alex told NME magazine: "I don't have time to worry about [not writing songs] to tell you the truth. I think there's always that thing, maybe it will just like, disappear? And I could do some gardening or something?"

The frontman also compares his songwriting process to the impending arrival of a delivery.

He explained: "Writing songs for me is like waiting for deliveries. You get a window: the washing machine's got to be there before 11 and 5. You've gotta wait for it. [The song] is the washing machine, the idea. You're like, 'Right, we're gonna do this record between now and then, and in the middle something is gonna arrive.' A loosely metaphorical washing machine."

Arctic Monkeys' fifth album 'AM' is released this week.

Arctic Monkeys

The stomping Sheffield tykes have graduated from songs about chip shops and taxi ranks, but the ferocious singalong favourites of old should also make an appearance.

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