Top 10: The best Android and iOS apps for students

Khan Academy

Khan Academy - non-profit educational website created by educator Salman Khan

Including Khan Academy, Tinder, Redlaser and Wunderlist

Guess what? You don’t need an app to read The List. Our websites - including,, and - are fully functional on your phone. But from fancy calculators to flirting tools, Henry Northmore picks the best apps that you really do need. You already have Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp, right? If not, get them immediately before reading on


This clever little app helps you keep all your random notes in order across multiple formats and devices. Have a great essay idea while on the move? Hey, it could happen. Just record a few lines and tag it with a photo of the image which started that particular train of thought.
Android / iOS

MyScript Calculator

One of the best calculator apps available. Scrawl sums and calculations directly onto the screen with your fingertip, and MyScript not only makes them legible but works out the answer. You can then erase, juggle and add to your equations by hand. Genius.
Android / iOS


Probably the best app on the market for sharing to-do lists. Great for any group projects or getting your lazy-ass flatmates to do their share of the housework. Make lists, sync them across all your devices, then get a notification when someone checks off ‘buy milk’. Handy.
Android / iOS


A clever flirting app that introduces you to nearby users, then helps you make a casual introduction. Simply browse people near you and say if you like them. If they do the same to you, Tinder sets up a chat. Breaking the ice has never been so easy.
Android / iOS

Study Blue

A fantastically useful revision aid. Make audio / text / visual flash cards, log your study progress, search for ready-made flash cards and plan your sessions. You might not think this is useful right now, but come exam time you’ll be declaring undying love and introducing it to your parents.
Android / iOS


A simple and concise way of organising your thoughts for essays, projects and revision. Turns your original notes into visual mind maps so you can link ideas to get the maximum from your haphazard concepts and brainstorming sessions.
Android / iOS

Edinburgh Bus Tracker / Glasgow Bus Finder

OK, not the most glamorous of apps, but probably one of the most useful. Fast, efficient and really easy to use, they’re based on reading QR codes and GPS. Make sure you get at least one bus app for getting home quickly and cheaply.
Edinburgh Bus Tracker: Android / iOS
Glasgow Bus Finder: Android

Khan Academy

Browse and download a huge selection of educational videos. Most are based on the US syllabus but you’ll still find plenty that are useful for your own courses. Simply split into categories such as Math (yeah, warned you it was an American app), Humanities, Science, and so on.
Android / iOS

Tik Tok Toys

If you’ve spent the summer transfixed by Candy Crush, this fun little game developed by students on the Dare to be Digital programme at Abertay University makes a refreshing change. Totally addictive and a great time waster.


Budgeting can be tricky. If you spot a product you like, hold the barcode up to the camera on your phone and this app instantly compares prices across the internet (with a few local store details as well) to see who’s selling it cheaper online. Take that, multi-national corporate behemoth!
Android / iOS