A student's guide to voting in the Independence Referendum

A student's guide to voting in the Independence Referendum

With the Independence Referendum coming up in 2014, now’s a good time to make sure you’re registered to vote.

Am I eligible?
You’re eligible to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum if you’re currently living in Scotland, and you’ll be aged 16 or over on 18 September 2014, the day of the referendum. That includes students who are citizens of the UK, the EU or any Commonwealth nation. And unlike general elections, even if you’re still only 16 or 17, you will be fully entitled to place a little black cross in whichever box you see fit, as long as you sort it out in advance.

How do I register?
You can register to vote at your uni address online at aboutmyvote.co.uk by filling in a form, printing it off and sending it to the Electoral Registration Officer at your term-time local council. You might get also get a blank form through your front door before October this year, which you can fill in and send back to make sure you’re on the electoral roll.

Where can I vote?
You can register to vote twice – at home with your parents, and at your term-time address – but you can’t vote twice. Sorry. As far as the referendum goes, you only have one shot at choosing yes or no. You can vote in person on the day or, if you’re super organised, set up a proxy in advance (so mum can vote on your behalf while you stay in bed), or submit your vote by post.

See aboutmyvote.co.uk for more info.