Arranged marriage show comes to the UK

  • 30 October 2007

Asia’s answer to Cilla Black will feature in a new BBC2 show which airs next month.

Arrange Me A Marriage, presented by British Pakistani Aneela Rahman, received positive reviews after a pilot was screened by the BBC last year.

In the five-part series in single people are encouraged to find a partner using the principles of a modern Asian arranged marriage.

Ms Rahman, who married her husband Maqsood in an arranged marriage 15 years ago, said it’s compatibility that is really important.

‘Most Asians are introduced to potential partners by the people who know them best – their family and friends – and the suitors are selected in a very matter-of-fact way based on who might be most compatible.’

Aspects such as shared goals, background, education and earning potential are taken into account she said, adding that attraction is also important.

‘I don’t advocate suitors getting together if they aren’t attracted to each other. But I believe that there is a strong chance of making a successful marriage if as many of these key factors as possible are taken into account.’

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