Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl's 'romantic comedy' in Rush

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  • 3 September 2013
Daniel Bruhl at Rush world premiere

Daniel Bruhl at Rush world premiere

Chris Hemsowrth and Daniel Bruhl "invented" a "romantic comedy" between their characters James Hunt and Niki Lauda in between takes while filming new movie 'Rush'

'Rush' stars Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl "invented" a "romantic comedy" between their characters.

The actors play Formula One racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, who were known for their fierce rivalry during the 1976 F1 season, in Ron Howard's new biopic, but the stars were much friendlier than their real-life counterparts.

Quizzed on whether he and co-star Hemsworth tried to emulate the famed feud between their characters on set, Bruhl said: "No, we didn't. We tried to at first, we always teased each other. But in fact, in between the takes, we invented our own relationship between Hunt and Lauda which would have been a romantic comedy!"

The German actor has received high praise for his portrayal of racing legend Niki Lauda in the pulse-racing new movie, but he reveals he was incredibly nervous about playing Lauda and recalls their awkward first encounter.

He explained: "It freaked me out at first to play a living legend. In Germany, where I live, I grew up in Cologne near the Nurgburgring [race track], so we all knew who Niki Lauda was. I felt this happy responsibility and weight on my shoulders.

"I was waiting for the call from Mr. Lauda himself. Then one day at six o'clock in the morning, I saw +43, which is Austrian, and said, 'OK, that's him.' Then it was so funny, our first conversation ... He said, 'I guess we have to meet now.' And I said, 'Yes, that would be perfect.' And he said, 'Well, just bring hand luggage to Vienna in case we don't like each other, then you can piss off right away.' I was nervous. Fortunately I had to buy some extra clothes in Vienna because we spent more time together than expected."

Despite critical acclaim and early Oscar buzz for his role in the movie, Bruhl remains modest about his chances come awards season.

Speaking at the world premiere of 'Rush' in London's Leicester Square on Monday (02.09.13), he said: "I'm glad people mention this because it means I've done it alright, but I don't want to think about it honestly. I don't expect anything. I'm just enjoying the moment now."

Bruhl was joined on the red carpet by co-stars Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara, as well as 'Rush' director Ron Howard.

Other celebrities to attend the lavish premiere included Naomi Campbell, Liam Hemsworth, Jenson Button and David Hasselhoff.