Dawn O'Porter obsessed with potatoes

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  • 3 September 2013
Dawn O'Porter

Dawn O'Porter

Dawn O'Porter insists she "can't live without potatoes" and is so obsessed with the vegetable she has named her pet pooch Potato

Dawn O'Porter is obsessed with potatoes.

The TV presenter - who is married to Chris O'Dowd - can't get enough of the vegetable, so much so she has named her pet pooch Potato, and allows herself to eat plenty of potato-based tasty treats by ensuring she gets lots of exercise by walking her canine for an hour each day.

When asked what she feels geeky about at the launch of the DVD and Blu-ray release of 'The Big Bang Theory Season Six', which is out now, she replied: "This is a really crap answer but I am going to say potatoes. Yes, I hold my hands up and admit I'm geeky about potatoes.

"I can't live without potatoes - fried, chips or crisps it's my 'go-to' happy place.

"I walk my dog - who's even called 'Potato' - for a good hour every morning so that I can eat lots of potatoes - and that's the truth."

While Dawn enjoys gorging on a selection of potato-based calorific treats, Laura Whitmore likes to go one better and feast on cake whenever possible.

The blonde stunner said: "I like cake, I mean I love cake, I know about cake, especially red velvet cake - oh and by the way I make a mean red velvet cake, it's like a chocolate cake, but it's red.

"You are looking at the expert here. 'Miss Cake Eater of 2013', oh and 'Miss Cake Eater of 2102', oh and ... you get the picture. I eat a lot of cake, I can spot a cake at a hundred yards that's how nerdy I can be."

'The Big Bang Theory' Season Six and 1-6 boxset is available on DVD, Blu-ray and Ultra Violet now.

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