Nicole Barber-Lane: I'll be meditating when Myra exits Hollyoaks

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  • 30 August 2013
Myra McQueen's dramatic exit

Myra McQueen's dramatic exit

Nicole Barber-Lane will be happily meditating when her 'Hollyoaks' exit storyline is being aired on TV next week because she can't face being in the same country when her alter-ego leaves the Channel 4 soap

Nicole Barber-Lane is going on a yoga retreat when her 'Hollyoaks' exit storyline is aired on TV next week.

The actress is to bow out of the Channel 4 soap after seven years as Myra McQueen when her alter-ego is shot by evil son-in-law Dr. Browning (Joseph Thompson), and while Nicole is looking forward to seeing her finale, she can't face watching it just yet so is going to be meditating instead.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I can't wait to see what happens but that's why I'm going away. I don't want to be in the country when it happens! I'll be meditating thinking, 'Oh my God is it on yet? What time is it on?'

"I'm going to switch my mobile off and not do anything until I get back. I'm going to say to people I'm on-screen but I'm off Twitter but I will be back on Twitter.

"I might switch it on, actually. We'll see. Don't tempt me!"

Nicole admits she was shocked when she found out just how big her 'Hollyoaks' exit storyline was, and when she does find time to watch it she is keen to see how it all comes together.

She added: "I trust [Executive Producer] Bryan Kirkwood completely but I didn't expect it to be as big as it was.

"I'm completely pleased with it, absolutely over the moon. I'm dead excited and can't wait to see it.

"I can't wait to see the stunts and see how it all pans out and how it's all put together.

"I was so busy doing all my exit stuff I don't know what the rest of the week was like, or other people's scenes or what was happening. I have no idea, so that's what I'm looking forward to seeing - the story as it completes.

"I would never have expected such a fantastic exit. I'm really honoured.

"I just hope that I did it justice and the fans are happy with it as well. We did a few different endings so it'll be interesting."

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