Samantha Womack: Ronnie won't return as 'damaged creature'

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  • 30 August 2013
Samantha Womack

Samantha Womack as Ronnie Mitchell

Samantha Womack didn't want her 'EastEnders' character Ronnie Mitchell to return as a "damaged creature" following her alter-ego's two-year stint in prison for snatching Kat Moon's baby

Samantha Womack didn't want her 'EastEnders' character to return as a "damaged creature".

The 40-year-old actress will reprise her role as Ronnie Mitchell after bowing out of the BBC One soap two years ago following the explosive baby-swap story line, which saw her alter-ego thrown behind bars, but she insists the blonde beauty will step onto the streets of Walford as a changed woman next month.

Speaking to Soap Squawk, she said: "I wanted to make sure there was a change in her. I really didn't want her to return as the same damaged creature she was when she left.

"I think the audience have seen enough of that and are crying out for the steely Mitchell sister to come back once again.

"We know what she's been through, so we need to see her grow again."

Ronnie has spent 24 months locked up after she snatched Kat Moon's baby Tommy following the death of her own child James, but upon her release, she bumps into Kat (Jessie Wallace) outside the prison.

Samantha explained: "We didn't think fighting and screaming would be apt.

"It needed to be mature because of the controversy beforehand.

"It's a complete surprise to see Kat there - unexpected and quite terrifying. What's important is that it's about two women talking about their experiences."

Meanwhile, 'EastEnders' will air five times in one week, from Monday September 9 through to Friday September 13, to mark Ronnie's return and an hour-long episode will be screened on Wednesday September 11.

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