Danielle Marr blasts 'racist' CBB housemates

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  • 30 August 2013
Danielle Marr

Danielle Marr

'Celebrity Big Brother' evictee Danielle Marr has branded her housemates "racist, drunk and violent" and said she isn't bothered about being first out because she has "left with her dignity"

'Celebrity Big Brother' evictee Danielle Marr has branded her housemates "racist, drunk and violent".

The The 'Dublin Wives' star - who was the first to be evicted from the show on Wednesday (28.08.13) - was appalled at the behaviour of the other contestants in the Channel 5 reality TV house.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "I may be the first out but at least I've left with my dignity.

"I didn't want to be stuck in a house with people making racist comments, boffing the heads off each other, getting off their faces every night and urinating in their beds."

Botox doctor Danielle reserved her greatest disdain for Carol McGiffin, 53, and Ron Atkinson, 74.

Ron - axed from football commentary for racist remarks in 2004 - was given a warning after he saw Danielle, 33, in a headscarf and asked "Are you carrying a bomb?" while Carol was also warned after using the N-word.

Speaking about the incident with Ron, Danielle said: "First I thought he was making a sick joke because I am from Ireland and he was on about the Troubles but then I realised it was to do with religion.

"I think he came on the show for the money and to redeem himself. He has messed up the latter."

Meanwhile, Carol referred to 'Geordie Shore' star Charlotte Crosby, 23, as a "Geordie sl*g" yesterday (29.08.13) after she had gone to the diary room in tears upon learning she is up for eviction.

Charlotte - who wet her bed this week - told Big Brother: "I knew this would happen, it has made me feel like I have had my heart torn out, and stepped on, then eaten by a dog, and s**t out, then cleaned up by someone who's on community service, then put in a bin bag to be put on a massive pile of skip heap. And it's all because I weed myself."

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