Riverside Festival – Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Sat 24 Aug 2013 (4 stars)

Riverside Festival – Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Sat 24 Aug 2013

Underground Resistance: Timeline

Great line-up somewhat let down by poor organisation

Say what you like about Electric Frog, they know how to throw a good party. Or rather, they know how to curate a good party: the line-up at this debut outdoor all-dayer (in conjunction with Pressure) is a stunner, with highlights including Boys Noize, Jamie xx and Underground Resistance’s Timeline. Sadly, the logistics of throwing such a shindig are executed in a more slipshod manner: the doors open late, there’s a bit of a snafu at the alcohol tent towards the end and the Pressure stage (hosting the likes of Josh Wink and Len Faki) is only accessible through a short bottleneck corridor.

Those organisational gripes aside though, the music side of things is a blast. UR Timeline tear it up with some old school house tracks in the late afternoon, complete with live sax and keytar, leading to some exuberant dancing and massive smiles from the Glasgow audience. Auntie Flo adds his own global spin to the house genre in the Optimo tent later on, getting a small but enthusiastic party started at the barriers (with some help from Esa on live percussion). Jamie xx commences his set with a dash of minimal techno before moving onto a full-on deep house set that peaks with a mix of ‘You Got the Love’, which then feeds perfectly into Kompakt boss Michael Mayer’s solid set of party beats for the next 90 minutes.

Techno-wise, Josh Wink’s core audience does a decent job of getting his core audience thoroughly entranced in the beats, although those on the fringes of the crowd are much less rapturous in their appreciation. Headliner Boys Noize, on the other hand, suffers no such equivocation with his techno-house hybrid, crafting euphoric crescendo after euphoric crescendo with his set of floor-filling tunes.


Michael Mayer

Josh Wink

Boys Noize

Riverside Festival

The Electric Frog crew and Pressure once again join forces to present their outdoor electronic music festival.