EastEnders' Steve McFadden wants Ross Kemp to return

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  • 28 August 2013
Steve McFadden

Steve McFadden

Steve McFadden wants Ross Kemp to return to 'EastEnders' and believes upcoming scenes, which will see Steve's character Phil Mitchell thrown through a windscreen, would be the perfect opportunity

Steve McFadden wants Ross Kemp to return to 'EastEnders'.

The 54-year-old actor - who plays bad boy Phil Mitchell - admits he would love for Ross to make a comeback as his foul-mouthed brother Grant Mitchell and believes the upcoming scenes, which will see the mechanic end up in a coma, would be the perfect opportunity.

Grant has made on and off appearances on Albert Square between 1999 to 2006, but Steve is convinced his on-screen sibling's potentially arrival in Walford could throw a spanner in the works.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine, Steve said: "I do remember somebody telling me that there had been a writers' meeting and it was tabled as to whether or not Phil could survive without Grant.

"I was surprised that they were thinking about this because I believed he could. But that's how much of a duo they were thought of.

"And while time has moved on and we've proved that Phil can survive on his own, I am up for Ross coming back. It would certainly be interesting."

In coming weeks, Phil will be plunged through a car windscreen and left fighting for his life after new character Carl White (Daniel Coonan) crashes their motor en route to do a dodgy deal.

The incident will also lead to Phil's mother Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) returning to Walford for a one-off appearance to be at her son's bedside in hospital.

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